ugg boots preise Food4Me project final conference webinars

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Professor Mike Gibney

University College Dublin, Ireland

Mike Gibney is professor of food and health at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. He took up this post in 2006 after having worked in the Department of Clinical Medicine at Trinity College Dublin as professor of human nutrition since 1984. Prior to that, he worked at Southampton University Medical School, UK, as a lecturer in human nutrition. From 1973 to 1976 he worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Sydney Veterinary School, Australia, where he attained his PhD. Mike served as president of the Nutrition Society from 1994 to 1997. His laboratory based research is focussed on the application of metabolomic technologies to human nutrition. She has 30 years of teaching experience and is in charge at the undergraduate and graduate levels in biochemistry and physiology of human nutrition. She studied nutritional sciences at Justus Liebig University in Giessen and received her doctorate in 1982 and qualified as a lecturer in biochemistry of human nutrition in 1989. Hannelore has worked at the University of Glasgow, UK, and spent three years at the School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, US. Her research is guided by better understanding of how mammals adopt metabolism to changes in the nutritional environment. Hannelore employs all omics technologies and studies worms, mice and humans. She is a member of the German Academy of Sciences, various advisory bodies, supervisory boards and associations.

Does personalised nutrition work? The Food4Me intervention study

Professor John Mathers

Newcastle University, UK

John Mathers is a professor of human nutrition and director of the Human Nutrition Research Centre, Newcastle University, UK. He has a PhD in nutrition from the University of Cambridge, UK, and he leads the Proof of Principle study of the Food4Me project. His work focusses on ageing and the development of age related diseases including cancer and dementia. This area of his work includes the design and testing of lifestyle based interventions to help people age better and the development of biomarkers of healthy ageing. She previously worked in the health care unit of a public relations agency before starting her PhD in June 2012. She holds a BSc and MSc degree in nutritional sciences and her master’s thesis is on molecular nutritional medicine. In the Food4Me project, Silvia is involved in the proof of principle study in Germany, working on project management, data analysis and algorithm development. Her research interests include genetic epidemiology, nutritional science and health informatics.

Attitudes to personalised nutrition

Professor Lynn Frewer

Newcastle University, UK

Lynn Frewer is currently professor of food and society at Newcastle University, UK, and has a background in psychology. Previously, she was professor of food safety and consumer behaviour at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands and head of the Consumer Science Group at the Institute of Food Research in the UK. Lynn’s research interests focus on understanding societal and individual responses to both risks and benefits; in particular, linked to the agri food sector. Her current research activities include understanding how people make decisions about the risks and benefits associated with different dietary choices, and how to develop effective communication about these issues. This includes understanding citizens‘ attitudes to emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and developing best practice in stakeholder and citizen consultation linked to risk governance. Other research activities include research directed towards understanding the impact of legislative changes on food chain actors as well as the broad socio economic impact of some important public health issues.
ugg boots preise Food4Me project final conference webinars